Whats the point of bleeding every month anyways?
When we bleed, our body is producing a cleanse of the uterus. This cleanse is commonly known as a period or menstruation. In this space, we use the term "uterine/womb cleanse", "cleanse" or "bleed" to refer to this time. Sometimes our bodies aren't able to fully cleanse everything out or fully experience a uterine cleanse. Evidence that your body may not be completing a full uterine cleanse every month shows up as: cramping, back pain, brown blood before/after bleeding.
Reported benefits of regular pelvic steaming
Deep Sleep
Heightened Libido
Heightened Fertility
Better Circulation
Decreased PMS Symptoms
Water Retention Disbursement
Emotional Balance
Scar Tissue Softening/Disbursement
Ingrown Hair Prevention/Improvement
Nourished Skin
During/after steaming you may experience
Urge to Urinate; go before you steam.
Increased Period Clots are evidence of an improved cleanse and means the steam sessions are working to clear old residue. They will resolve overtime.
Increase in Cramps are evidence that your body is knocking old residue loose. The uterus contracts to move old residue out, which can cause cramping.
Dry Cramps (cramps when you aren't bleeding) are also evidence of your uterus working to remove old residue.
Increased irregular discharge/odor; Steam does not make the discharge, but rather loosens/de congests the preexisting discharge.
Emotional Release
Earlier/Later Periods can occur when starting a steam regimen. Please notify us of any changes in your cycle, we may need to re-evaluate your herbs or this could be evidence that the steam plan is working to regulate your cycle.
Brown Discharge after session is a sign that the steam is pulling out old residue.
Mild itchiness can be evidence of clearing out mucus or discharge.

*If you experience extreme itchiness, fresh spotting or onset of bleeding after steaming that is not your predicted cleanse or bleed time, pause your steam plan and notify us.

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