Unwind & Revive Pelvic Steam Session
$45 | Single Steam Session
$140 | Monthly Membership | 4 Steam Sessions (Save $40)

Have a steam session prepared just for you. Sip Womb Tea as you relax and steam in a peaceful environment. A Pelvic Steam Consultation is a prerequisite for receiving this service.
Reported benefits of regular Pelvic Steaming
•  Relaxation
•  Deep Sleep
•  Heightened Libido
•  Heightened Fertility
•  Improved Circulation
•  Decreased PMS Symptoms
•  Water Retention Disbursement
•  Emotional Balance
•  Scar Tissue Softening/Disbursement
•  Ingrown Hair Prevention/Improvement
•  Nourished Skin

If purchasing the membership, all steam credits must be used within 60 days. After 60 days, any remaining steams are donated to the free steam pot which exists to provide steams to people who don't have our services in their budget.

If you are allergic to dogs or cats, please do not book this service.