How to Steam
So it's your first time steaming, you've come to the right place. First things first, please review the self-assessment guide which indicates when someone should or should not steam.
How to Prepare a Steam
1. Add 1 liter of filtered water to a super clean (preferably stainless steel) pot.
2. Bring the water to a boil.
3. Add your steam herbs (about 1 TBSP) to the pot, turn off the heat & cover.
4. Let it steep off heat for about 10 minutes.
5. Transfer your herbal water to whatever you will be using to steam like a large non-plastic bowl, stainless steel pot, ceramic pot or stock pot, add towels/pillows under your knees if you are kneeling over the pot, or towels to the rim of another pot that you didn't boil on the stove so it's not too hot to sit on top of.
6. Check the Temperature. It is VERY important to test the temperature before sitting over the steam. I like to steam my face/ears, or put my hands over the steam to get a feel for the temperature before sitting over the steam. This could take a few minutes for it to get to a comfortable temperature. It should not be painful, but relaxing and comfortable. If it feels too hot once you sit, get up and wait a minute and try again. It is up to you to decide what temperature feels best. Some people like it hot, some people like it mild, everyone is different. Again, if it feels too hot, get up and try again.
The Quick & Easy Method
My favorite way to set up a steam is using an electric kettle. Simply boil the water, add the herbs (1 Tablespoon) to the steam pot, cover with the boiling water from the kettle, cover with the lid, steep for 10 minutes and the steam is ready to go. Simply add your wooden steam topper (coming soon) or place the steam box over the pot and steam. 
10 Minute Steam Duration
In general, indicators for a 10 minute steam session are: if it is your first time steaming, your cycles are currently or historically prone to being 27 days or less, you have experienced hot flashes or night sweats over the past month, you have an IUD, are prone to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, UTIs, have herpes, Nuva ring (should be removed before steaming), you are >13 years old or have a history of spontaneous bleeding or 2 periods per month in the past 3 months. If you experience any of these indicators, your steam time is no longer than 10 minutes. 
30 Minute Steam Duration
In general, indicators for a 30 minute steam session are: if your cycles are 28 days or more and you have no sensitivities listed above. To achieve the 30 minute duration, a hot plate or crock pot can be used to keep the steam warm.  No one should steam longer than 30 minutes at a time.
No steam stool? No problem
You don't have to have a steam stool (usually wooden stools with a hole in them) to steam. You can lean against a couch over a non-plastic bowl with a sheet wrapped around you, or put folded up towels surrounding the rim of a large pot (if you are not using a hot plate/crock pot). I am happy to problem solve your steam set up with you, please reach out to me.